Friday, July 5, 2013

Hingga Hujung Nyawa

Salam alaik!

     This is the picture of a sister who I admire a lot. She taught me some recipes and accompanied my study during my previous final exam. (How lucky am I! grin with a big smile). Also, she is the member of BU (the best house near my university). BU is the best port to do everything at every time. BU stands for Baitul Ukhuwah (^_^). It is filled with tranquility and peace. It soothes your soul and makes your mind relax!

      Currently, my senior is taking her master in enginnering. We share the same university.. Due to her too high level of intelligence; she will grad again next year (amin amin amin) Dear Allah, please help her in her thesis and sis amnani in her IELTS speaking test today! And me.. i'm still surviving in my study! Pray for me too okeh? :D


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