Sunday, October 5, 2014

Salam aidiladha 2014

Salam alaik,
dearest readers, may you experience a bless journey of life.
when it comes to Aidiladha, we could not escape from talking about the sacrifice of our Prophet; The prophet Ibrahim and Ismail. When Allah asked the Prophet Ibrahim to sacrifice his beloved son, Prophet Ismail.

Both of them follow Allah's command loyally.
and i just curious, if we had been in the same situation, are we strong enough to sacrifice the thing that we love most, that dear to our heart? Surely. it will be extremely difficult.

That is why someone told me that;
'the most difficult thing in our life is changing the habit that we love most although we know that it is destructive'

Clearly, this is because we need to sacrifice our innermost desire.
Personally, I felt that bad habit like 'procrastination' is one of the top destructive habits that is hard to overcome. I felt happy to do other not-so important things before the top priority things.
Huhu. Then, through my reading of a time management book entitled 'Eat That Frog' written by Brian Tracy, I found how bad the habit is.

Sacrifice: Start your day with the top priority task first even you dislike to do it.
Then, you can enjoy your day! :D

Let's change for betterment.
(Identify our weakness and find ways to overcome it!) :)

All the best, from the owner of this Nazmi Studio


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